Don’t have a smartphone with you? Do you need to share your beautiful photos on your Instagram’s account? Let’s see how you can do it, learn now How to share pictures and photos from your Pc directly on Instagram.

Let’s start.

Instagram is known as the “photo app” par excellence. This is also the reason why all its functions are optimized for mobile use, no matter the phone model or the operating system.
You might have notice that updates and changes to improve and make social platforms more operable are continually rolling out. So far, for example, you can post photos using the mobile web browser (for example Safari from Iphone).


However, Instagram has not officially added the option to browse from the desktop.
Which can be slightly more complicated for those who use their PC to “work” their photos. If you want to share a photo saved on your PC on Instagram, you must necessarily transfer it to your phone (by e-mail or AirDrop)

What if there was another easier and more immediate way to do it?

Let’s see how to upload your photos on Instagram directly from your PC!

Most browsers give you the opportunity to change the so-called “User Agent”, which allows the site to recognize what type of device you are using. If you are using your laptop, you should know that there is a way to “trick” a site, so Instagram as well, which allows you to view the website like you are using your mobile.

Here is how to do so:


First, log in to your account by going to  At this point, press right mouse button and click “Inspect”


A window will open at the bottom of the screen:

Now click the Tablet icon

Once you’ve done this, refresh the page (F5) and you’ll see the icon that allows you to upload your photos

Not that difficult, right?