how does snapchat

Snapchat is a very popular application for Android and iPhone that allows users to exchange pictures or short videos (lasting up to 10 seconds) after displaying clear automatically.

It also offers a function to achieve the shared albums to upload photos and videos with their friends (they are called “stories”) and allows you to chat in real time either verbatim or in video.

In some markets introduced even the ability to associate a credit card to your account and send small amounts of money through chat, but we will deal with this on other occasions. For now let’s focus on how does Snapchat the main features of the app.

After downloading Snapchat from Google Play or App Store, you must start the application and create your personal account by pressing the Register button located at the bottom of the screen.

Fill out the form so that you are proposed by typing your email address, the password you want to use to access the service and your date of birth and press Register to pass on to the next step.

The following steps consist in the choice of the username you want to use on Snapchat and entering your mobile number to verify your identity. After you type your telephone number then presses the button Check, choose whether to receive the confirmation code for activating your account via SMS or call and type it in the screen that opens.

Finally, choose whether to allow Snapchat access the address book to find friends enrolled in the service and get ready to send your first snap, that is your first photo or your first video that “self-destructs”: you are officially entered in Snapchat!

How to login in Snapchat

Explain how does Snapchat to share photos or videos with friends is almost superfluous given the ease of use of the app. All you need to do is choose whether to use the front camera or the back of your smartphone by pressing the icon located at the top right and take a picture by pressing the round button located at the bottom center, or make a video of 10 seconds or taking pressing the same button for the desired duration.

When the operation is completed you can enrich photos and videos with effects similar to Instagram, captions or written related to your geographical location, the time and the local temperature. To apply filters and automatic written just take a swipe from right to left until you find the desired effect, while for type captions must press anywhere on the screen and drag the text where you want the most.

Also, pressing the pencil icon located at the top right and choosing a color from the palette that appears you can draw by hand on your photos or your own videos so as to highlight the parts or add details funny.

Other customizations that can be applied concerning the maximum duration of viewing photos, you can adjust using the timer placed in the lower left (for up to 10 seconds), and the presence or absence of the audio in the video that you can instead set up using the speaker icon (always at the bottom left).

After applying all the customizations you want, you can send your photo or your video to a friend Snapchat or a story. Then presses the arrow located on the bottom right and select the name of the user to whom you intend to send the content or presses the icon of the square with the symbol “+” to add it automatically to your story (in this case will remain visible for all friends for 24 hours). Alternatively, you can save photos and video in local (in the Gallery of Android or iPhone Camera Roll) by pressing the arrow icon located in the lower left.

how to make photo on snapchat

As mentioned earlier, Snapchat also includes chat features. To use them you have to access the list of recent conversations making a swipe from left to right (or pressing on the notification panel at the bottom left), locate the contact you want to talk and make a swipe from left to right on his name.

This will open the screen of text chat but if you want, you can also turn on a video-chat with whoever is on the other side holding the button with the blue circle which appears at the bottom right. The same button can also be used to send a snap fast (in this case it works well if the other person is online).

To add new contacts to Snapchat you have to go on the list of friends making a swipe from right to left (or pressing the icon with the three lines located at the bottom right) and select the icon of the under the symbol “+” that is located at the top right.

In the screen that opens, went on board with the icon of the address book and invite your contacts to join your circle of friends on the service. Remember: to send a snap to a person must first wait for the latter to accept your friend request.

how to send a message on snapchat

With this I would say that’s it, more or less you should have learned how does Snapchat. I recommend, however: do not use this service in a careless or overly casual.

Despite the self-destruction of the photos and videos posted on the platform prohibits anyone who is on the other side to save them by making a screenshot of the screen (which is signaled in the chat Snapchat with the icon play red) or capturing images played back on the phone with other devices.