Did you ever wish to connect on Facebook without anyone knows that you actually are surfing among the pages? View any content without letting your friends know? You can do it, just follow our advices among this guide.

Facebook is the place where everyone knows everything about anyone, but for some particular actions there are no notifications sent to anyone and with just a little bit attention you can access and browse profiles and pages without letting anyone know that you’re there, on Facebook.

The basic steps in order to succeed in this endeavor are basically three: Turn off chat from computers and mobile (phones and tablets), be careful of  what you click (likes and comments that could be seen by friends) and go incognito from the browser.

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Disable chat from computers and other devicesHow-to-surf-on-Facebook-without-letting-the-others-know

When you log in on Facebook the system automatically tells you friends about it (with the classic green dot in chat).

In order to turn off all the chat systems you don’t have to close them on the desktop website version; instead it is very important to logoff on the messenger applications on the mobile devices (example, on iPhone and Android).

Facebook continues to communicate with our friends to let them know if you’re on fb; and every time you open the Messenger app you “risk” to be online and report it to all your friends.

How not to fall into the trap? Go to your account settings, in the applications tab (direct link), scroll down the page and click on the ” edit” under ” Apps others use”. Then uncheck the box “If I’m online” in this way you won’t  allow your friends to see if you are online on Facebook.


In this way external applications can not get this important information, and you can navigate with the certainty of not being seen. Do not forget to turn off the chat, of course.

Attention to comments and likes

Needless to say, if you do not want to make it clear to others, you should not publish content on Facebook, or you can publish them so that they see only certain people/friends and hide them from everyone else. You can easily control who sees posts from the selector of privacy located next to every news and information published or to be published.
But what they need to pay more attention to are the comments and likes. These may appear on the news feed of your friends or on their ticker. Never comment on pages or public posts, and never like them.


The comments and likes on public posts (for example, all the news published by the fan pages) are always set on public, and therefore visible to all friends. A click of a like would immediately mean that you’re connected at that time.

For a friend’s post the question is rather different, and the visibility of your actions in this case is limited only to the public of the post, let me explain. If a friend shares a status update with privacy set to “friends” and you click on the like or if you write a comment, the news generated by your “like” or the comment can only be seen by friends in common between you and that friend; they see the news on the news feed and on their ticker.

If the post is visible ” friends of friends “, the news generated by your like can be seen by all your friends, because this is the public included in the privacy of the post.

Incognito mode

Another tip is to use the ” incognito”mode  (also called ” private browsing “) available on every browser. It’s a surfing mode that does not save temporary files, cookies, or other information about the history of the computer (or mobile) and then allows you to erase all traces of navigation once you close your browser.

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