Overwhelmed by the demands of your friends, you have decided to try Twitter. You’re quite intrigued by the history of messages in SMS style, maximum length of 140 characters, but first of all you would like some clarification.

With the guidance of today, we shall see how to navigate on Twitter using the Web interface of the social network or some alternatives you might find a lot more comfortable and suited to your needs. To better understand what things mean, just read on.

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If you want to learn how to navigate on Twitter, all you have to do is connect to the homepage of social networks and subscribe to the service using the form located at the bottom right. Just type your name, email, password, and click Sign up for Twitter.

Once logged in to the Twitter home page, you will find yourself in front of a screen with lots of news: the column on the right with the latest tweets from people you follow (following) and on the left, from top to bottom, the box to write your posts, advice on people you should follow (automatically chosen from the site by users who already follow), and Trends, that the hottest topics of the moment.

At the top, however, there is a black bar with various links : Home to return to the home page of Twitter, Connect to view all mentions, retweets and notifications about new followers who have decided to follow you, Learn to browse some of the most important post of the day and Account to access your profile page. The buttons to the form of gear and the Pen positioned in the upper right , are used respectively to manage your account settings and write a new tweet.

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An alternative way to navigate on Twitter is to use the desktop client, programs that allow you to view the contents of Twitter and post tweets directly from the Windows desktop or Mac OS X without opening your browser . Here is a list of the most interesting ones that you should try:

  • TweetDeck – it is officially distributed by a program that allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts at once , organize the flow of information in a personalized manner and timing of the publication of tweets . It is available for Windows , Mac OS X and in the form of Web application.
  • Twitter for Windows 8 – the official Twitter client for Windows 8 and Windows RT , allows you to navigate on Twitter and post new messages through an extremely simple interface and treated.
  • MetroTwit – another free application available for Windows 8 and Windows RT that displays a lot of news at the same time organizing them in a very effective manner . It is available for  the classic desktop and for Windows 8 Start Screen.
  • Twitter for Mac – the official Twitter client for Mac OS X. Essential and , for this reason , very effective. Allows you to view your friends’ posts, post tweets, search, view mentions and much more. It is available for free on the Mac App Store.
  • TweetBot – one of the best Twitter client for Mac, which allows you to organize your own in a meticulous way flow of news, obscure post and unwanted content and much more. It is available on the Mac App Store at a price of € 17.99.



Do I forget anything? Of course, yes. Talk about how to navigate on Twitter without mentioning smartphones and tablets is virtually impossible, and then I am ready to give you some advice on how even “chirp” on the move.

There are official Twitter app for all major mobile platforms, so just look for them on the store of your phone (or tablet) and download them. Their interface is very similar to that of the Internet site, then you should not find any particular difficulty in using them.

In addition, you should take a look at third-party client, such as TweetBot and Twitterific, which can significantly improve the user experience compared to the official app of the social network (for a fee).