After years of daily use of Facebook, you decided to expand your social horizon also trying Twitter. You are quite right about this service but have not yet well understood some mechanics that set it apart from the social network of Mark Zuckerberg, for example, have not yet figured out how to tag your friends (or rather the people you follow or that follow you) to internal messages and photos.

Well, actually on Twitter there are no tags as on Facebook. There are hashtags, which allow you to categorize the tweets and bring them back to specific topics or you can mention other users in your tweets so that they receive notification that you have talked about them. If you want to know more, just continue to read this article!

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If you want to learn how to tag on Twitter, or like to mention another service user in one of your posts, all you have to do is to type its name preceded by the sign (@) in the tweet you’re going to publish. Be careful not to type the full name (example @ Name Surname), but his Twitter username (example @Username), otherwise the tag, or better to say the word, will not be recognized by Twitter.

However, to avoid this kind of errors just start typing the person’s name to be mentioned in the tweet, and , as it happens on Facebook, click on one of the suggestions to auto-complete that appear at the bottom. The same procedure also applies to the version of Twitter for smartphones and tablets (where there is a button with the symbol of the nut).

Once you post the tweet in which you entered the name of another user, the user will be notified of the fact that you mentioned. In this way, unless the person in question has not disabled your Twitter notifications in respect of entries, you’re sure that your message will not go unnoticed.

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When you decide to tag another person on Twitter, you must also pay attention to the point in the message where you put the name of the person mentioned . In fact , if you enter the user’s name at the beginning of the tweet (example @Nasurme , how are you?) The tweet will be visible only to you, the user referred to and the followers who follow both. If you enter ” tags ” in another part of the tweet (example I ‘m reading a guide published by @ Nasurme on his blog ), the message will be visible to all users, regardless of the people who follow .

In addition to the messages, you can also mention other people on Twitter when you publish the photos. Even in this case, the procedure is valid for the use of Twitter by computer and for the use of the service by smartphone or tablet; just click on the camera icon and select the file to be published within your tweet. That’s it.