The screenshots are photos that can be taken to the PC screen without using external equipment. Thanks to them, you can show to the public in the form of images, what happens on the desktop of the computer at a given time. They are particularly useful when you have a problem on your PC and you want to ask for remote assistance on a forum!

All you need is SnapCrab, a free program for Windows (all versions) that allows you to capture snapshots of the desktop PC, the individual portions of the latter or individual windows in an extremely easy and fast way. The resulting images can be saved on your PC or shared online. Here’s how to take a screenshot using it.


If you want to learn how to make a screenshot, the first step you need to take is to connect to the Internet site of SnapCrab and click the Download button to download the program on your PC. When the download is completed open, double clicking on it, the file you just downloaded (SnapCrab100-setup.exe) and in the window that opens, click first on run, and then click Yes and Next.

Therefore accepts the terms of use of the program by putting a check mark next to I accept the agreement, and click first Next three times and then on Install and Finish to complete the installation process and start SnapCrab.

SnapCrab- Setup

After the installation, you will see a small toolbar on the gray screen. This is the toolbar that you use to capture the items displayed on the PC desktop .

To make a screenshot with SnapCrab you can just click on one of the three buttons in the toolbar gray (the first is used to take pictures of the selected window , the second to take a snapshot of the window in the foreground, whit the third button you catch all desktop ) , if necessary select the window you want to capture and hold the mouse pointer still for three seconds until it finishes the countdown displayed in the lower right corner.

To capture screen areas you need to click on the Custom button on the fourth SnapGrab toolbar (the one with the black arrow ) and use the mouse to draw a rectangle around the area of the screen to capture. The snapshots of the desktop are automatically saved on the PC , but you can also post them on online services such as Twitter and Evernote by clicking the fifth button on the toolbar (the one with the double white arrow).


To select the format and destination folder of the screenshots made ​​with Snapgrab , you have to click the gear icon in the toolbar of this program and select Details from the menu that appears. In the window that opens, select the file format in which to save the snapshots from the drop- down menu Image format ( the default format is set PNG) and the folder in which to save the latter by putting a check mark next to one of the items placed under the heading Save to capture in . By default is selected the Desktop, but putting a check mark next to Selected Folder you can choose any folder on your PC.

You can also change the combinations of keyboard keys associated with the functions of SnapCrab , by going Hotkey tab , and enter the details of your Twitter account and Evernote to post screenshots of these two services by going online in the homonym cards . In addition, in the Other Shrink find the option to automatically resize the screenshots made ​​. All very quickly and intuitively.