Many people are in trouble when they have to choose the best antivirus system available online. We’ve already suggested two goods antivirus systems for protecting your pc from malwares and viruses.

  • The first was AVG, complete and functional.
  • The second One, Avira free and very useful.

We’ve not speak about Bitdefender yet. Bitdefender often emerges as the best antivirus because of its effectiveness in identifying malwares. It is available in two versions : a Base-essential version ( with real-time control though ) and a premim one version with many additional features.


To download BitDefender Free Edition, which is the free version of the best antivirus for Windows, connect to the program’s website here and click on the first button [Download]. When the download is complete, execute the file you just downloaded ( Antivirus_Free_Edition.exe ) by double clicking on it. click on the Yes button in the next window to start the download of some components required for the installation of the software.

Select your language from the drop- down menu located in the upper right corner , put a check mark next to > I accept the terms of the license agreement.

When installation is completed, register your copy of BitDefender Free Edition MyBitdefender free by creating an account.

As always when you’re done , we suggest you to do a Full System Scan to check or prevent any present or future troubles in your pc.

Antivirus Free Edition

If BitDefender Free Edition is the best free antivirus choice, you can say the same of Bitdefender Internet Security suite in the field of paid products.

In addition to the excellent antivirus module present in the free version , it also includes a very unique firewall, an useful spam filter, parental control feature and the automatic optimization of consumption when you have to play games on the PC. It’s available with a free trial period that lasts 30 days.

To download it into your PC, connect to this web page and click the Download button. In the box that opens, type your email address in the text type field and click on Download free trial version. When the download is complete you can open the file you’ve downloaded ( bitdefender_isecurity.exe ) and click on the Yes button to start downloading some files needed for the installation of the software.

It will take a few seconds. We recommend you to uncheck the sending of anonymous usage reports.

Now you have to choose whether to register the program by entering your serial number ( in case you have already bought a license ), or whether to start the free trial period, putting the check mark next to the appropriate box and clicking the Next button twice streak.

Finally, proceed to create a MyBitdefender free account by clicking on Create a new account. You can also chose to log with your Facebook or Microsoft’s credentials. Have a good full system scan though!

Bitdefender Internet Security

Bitdefender is available also for Macs, and same as Win, it can be taken in two versions: a free membership that allows you to scan the computer only on request (Bitdefender Virus Scanner) and a paid version that includes a control Real-time system and automatic updates of virus definitions (Bitdefender Virus Scanner Plus).

To download the Bitdefender Virus Scanner on your Mac, connect to this Web page and click the View button in the Mac App Store. In the window that opens, click on the button Free / Install the app is on the left and enter the password for your Apple ID to complete the operation. Virus Scanner Plus is available on this page of the Mac App Store.