Even Facebook has (or should have) its own netiquette. Sometimes you publish or share something too much, or do anything not to bother believing friends. Nothing serious, but best avoided.

I present to you the things that you should stop doing on Facebook. They are little but fun tips to follow, so as not to bore your friends, not making fools of themselves on the web or worse invite others to stop following us .

The article has no references and I hope to not offend anyone, take it as a fun read, and reflect on your behavior on Facebook and on the web. 😉

11 things you should immediately stop doing on Facebook


1 . Tagging friends to the events on the photos

Please, stop tagging photos with friends in case of cards, landscapes, flyers for events and so on. These tags are very annoying and you can be sure that you do not like your friends, especially if you know them and if the photos just do not have anything to do with them.
I refer of course to tag photos with subjects by as much as those who charge for general photos and be sure to get some likes by tagging a hundred friends.

2 . Publish content automatically from Twitter

I know, web is full of guides to connect Twitter with Facebook, but I do not recommend it. The audience is different between the two social network and if you’re publishing the same things you’re providing a good reason to abandon those who follow you by one of the two profiles.
Nobody likes the news repeated twice, if you really need to post and publish it best to use a different time for each social media, so as to cross several people and not to bore those connected at the same time .
The same goes for all the social networks and also with regard to profile and Facebook page: Unpublished the same content, or at least not at the same time or you’ll end up with friends or fans in less (or hiding your news).


3. Click I like to your own posts and comments

If you have posted a nice picture, or a nice update status, why do you have to click the like button? Obvious that you like, otherwise why did you just post? There are those who like to click their comments or who like to click on an item and then on the history generated by creating a loop of the type “James like that enjoyed the article …”.
In addition to being a tedious practice, the real reason why someone feels the need to put like to their content is because the action back on top of the post on the bulletin board of news and so gain more visibility … Is it worth it?


4 . Invite someone to click I like on the page

I do not know about you, but the invitations to click on the pages, I do not follow them anymore. This is just because they became too much (invitations, pages and friends that create them) and therefore have lost their value .

5 . Requests for games and applications and invitations to events

If you play all day on Facebook you do not bore your friends with requests, risks they hate you . No more requests for any application, the undersigned, the second request crashes the application and future demands of the person.
Each app/game gives you the option to skip step (disguised as required) that sends requests to friends , look for the button “skip”.
For events, do you know that you can risk a block of invitations ? Invite only those who you think may be interested, not all.

6 . Insert unnecessary # Hashtag 

Ever since Facebook introduced the hashtag, it has become worse than Instangram .
Hashtags are useful if used wisely , not more than 2-3 keywords that identify the post , the argument is . # # this does not mean anything # # # write like that, it makes no sense , and proves that you do not understand how to use hashtags and Facebook.

7 . Add people random to groups

This is one of the things I hate most , and do not understand why Facebook continues to allow it for years . When you add someone to a group you’re condemning a wave of notifications on the post of the group, which in 95 % of cases it is not wanted , especially if no one asked you.
It would be more correct to let everyone enroll yourself to the groups , and put an end to this form of spam authorized , used for competitions , contests and various advertising .

8 . Mass messages

Please do not send mass messages, your friends will receive a notification for each response, which is quite obnoxious and that in some ways is spam.
When someone sends me a message with dozens of people in the conversation I compete with others who abandons first conversation.
If you have something to say to several friends customize a message for each one of them.

9. Write in capital letters

Writing in CAPITAL LETTERS on the web means shouting and it’s annoying. Not only that, Facebook considers the comments in all capital letters as spam and hides them automatically.
A few words in capital letters are great for attracting attention in a post. Phrases and post completely in capital letters are perfect to be hidden and reported to Facebook. If you are looking for a method to increase the visibility you’re doing it in the wrong way.

10. Too many like buttons

If you have a website does not fill it with like buttons (social plugin), the result could be the opposite of what you expect. The picture says it all.


11. send Poke

The poke is an old Facebook function that probably will never die (I hope to be proved wrong one day). Facebook has tried several times to get them to appreciate users (including on a dedicated app) but nothing to do, it is a useless feature.
So, better not use it.