Do you think is annoying to let your friends know when you read a message on Facebook? Would you like to delete the notification when you see a message? If you don’t want your friends know when you really see a message this post will be very useful to you. As always we will lead you to resolve the main problem with so many different solutions to it.

Today we mark an easy-to use extension. An extension that allows you to lock the display of notification messages to individual conversations or group conversations! Both them are lockable from the messages page or from the windows in your chat view. First of all, let’s read also these articles, to find the solutions that’s better for you!


Extension to turn off Facebook messages seen notification

The extension that we’ll show you today is called Seenblock, and is available for Chrome and Firefox. Download it for your browser (Chrome link–  Firefox link) and go back to Facebook.

You’ll notice a new icon on the browser (the icon with the symbol of the prohibition); by clicking on it you can easily choose to turn on, or turn off the extension with two parameters: you can decide to block “seen” notification that allows your friend to know if you’ve read their messages, or go for the block of the “typing” notification, that allows your friends to know when you’re typing something to them. (“Is typing…”)


You have to know that this extension works for both the individual conversations and for group chats; it also equally works from the chat and from the messages view. An important function of this extension is the one that allow us to Mark as read a message just when we want to.  You can activate “Mark as read” when you want, simply clicking on the mark you’ll see below ✓ (mark as read).


And remember; always go for the privacy!!!