How to unzip a file with iPad

How to unzip a file with iPadMail, the email client developed by Apple, in more recent versions of iOS also acquired the ability to view the files in ZIP archives. This means that if you want to receive the documents zipped and consult them directly to your iPad, you can do it without problems by simply pressing on their icon.

The matter becomes a bit ‘more complicated when receiving archives in RAR format, or you want to download a ZIP file found on the Internet on the memory of the tablet: in such cases it is better to resort to third-party applications, such as Documents.

Documents by Readdle is a free file manager that allows you to download files from the Internet, manage and view documents of various types: a little ‘how to do it in the Mac Finder or in Windows Explorer. Integrates seamlessly in sharing menu of iOS and supports both ZIP files that RAR files. Here’s how to unzip a file with iPad using it.

The first step you need to do is download Documents by Readdle on your iPad. Open the App Store thus, presses the search bar located at the top right and search for the term documents.

When the search results appear, presses the button GET / INSTALL placed next to the icon of Documents by Readdle, confirms your identity by typing the password for your Apple ID or using the Touch ID and wait while the application is first downloaded and then installed on the tablet.

How to unzip a file with iPadAt this point, believe it or not, you are already ready to unzip a file with iPad. How? I’ll explain.

If you want to extract the files contained in a file that’s been delivered by e-mail, start Mail, select the message that contains the files ZIP / RAR from the sidebar of the client and hold for a few seconds of your finger on the icon ‘archive to open with Documents.

Menu appears sharing iOS: browse the list of applications until you get to the icon of Documents and presses the Open button in the Documents to export the selected archive in the app.

Once in Documents by Readdle (the application will open automatically after you import the archive) you’ll find your ZIP file in the Documents section. To browse the content, press it on its icon and went into the folder with the same name of the archive that is created automatically.

In the case of RAR files the first step is skipped, then you will find directly in the Documents folder with the documents extracted from the archive.

How to unzip a file with iPad

You can download the archives ZIP / RAR from the Internet to preserve the memory of the iPad and if necessary consult the content, use the Web browser included in Documents: you can easily open by pressing the Safari icon in the sidebar to the left.

At this point, usually browse on the Internet, presses on the link to download a file and the application will ask you which folder you want to save (the default choice is the one called Downloads).

After choosing the path and you press the Done button the file will be downloaded to the memory of your iPad. To browse the content, select the Documents item from the sidebar of Documents, went to the folder where you have decided to save the file (eg. Downloads) and presses on the icon of the latter. Easier than that?