Did you shot some video with your iPhone, you’d love to share them by posting them on YouTube, but you don’t know how to do it? Just relax, take a few of free minutes and learn how to do it by reading the guide in this article and following the instructions step by step! You’ll learn how to upload videos to YouTube from your iPhone but also how to shoot movies and post them quickly without going through the computer. Are you ready? Let’s go!


If you want to learn how to upload videos to YouTube from your iPhone, the first step you need to do is to bring you into the Photos app for iOS and select the thumbnail of the movie you want to be published online from your Camera Roll. Then press the button on the sharing placed in the lower left ( arrow icon ) and select the YouTube logo from the menu that appears.

In the screen that opens , please sign in to YouTube using your Google Account credentials and complete the form that you are typing inside the proposed title for the film, a brief description of the video and the tags to be associated with it. Then choose whether to load the video in standard definition or HD, putting a check mark next to the appropriate items, select a category to include it and choose whether to be the movie public, private or unlisted, that is viewable only by those who know its exact address .

To finish , press the Publish button located in the upper right corner and wait for it to upload the video on YouTube. The duration of the process depends on the length of the movie and the speed of your Internet connection at your disposal . Of course, if you choose to upload a video in high definition, the upload process will be longer than a video card.


Do not you want to upload videos to YouTube from your iPhone by selecting the movies that you’ve already shot with your phone but you want to make a movie “on the fly ” and upload it directly on the site from Google? No problem. Open the App Store , try the free YouTube Capture and install it on your phone.

After the download , YouTube capture starts , you need to press the Login button and log in the application using the credentials of your Google Account. Browse, at this point, the brief introduction of the app and press the Finish button to access its main screen.

Now you just have to put the iPhone in a horizontal position and press the REC button to start recording a video. At the end of the shoot , press REC again and proceed to the publication of the video on YouTube by entering a title and description on the page that opens. You can also apply some special effects to enhance the look of the video by selecting the Magic Wand tool icon in the lower right . It’s that easy!