The BitTorrent network is one of the most used P2P networks in the world, on which you can download for free and share any kind of files: video, music, applications and much more. uTorrent is probably the best torrent client available today. It is, in fact, a program for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux that allows you to download Torrent files from the network in an extremely easy and, above all, fast way. Have you ever heard of it?

Read the guide I’m going to offer you and you will learn how to use uTorrent drawing the maximum benefit in terms of performance. All you need to do is download the application on your computer and configure the router to enable it to access the Internet without any problems. Let’s see how.


I begin this guide on how to use uTorrent seeing how to download and how to install the program on your computer . Connect to the Internet site of uTorrent and click the Download button first and then uTorrent Free Download to download the program on your PC.

When the download is complete open, double clicking on it, the file you just downloaded (uTorrent.exe) and in the window that opens, click on the first run, and then click OK and Yes to begin the initial configuration of uTorrent . If you use a Mac and a Windows PC , open it by double clicking on the file you just downloaded ( uTorrent.pkg ) first and then click on Continue to Decline offer ( to avoid the installation of additional promotional software ) , Continuous, Install and Close.

The initial configuration of uTorrent consists of a rapid procedure in which you must accept the terms of use of the program and decline the installation of additional promotional software . In short, you must first click on Next twice in a row , then click the I agree . Then click Next to continue for another two times in a row and remove the check mark from the entry for the free music download . Finally, click Next again , remove the check mark from all the entries for software installation coupon ( check the item or Decline ) first and then click on Next and on Finish to start uTorrent.


Once you complete the setup wizard before you start to use uTorrent you have to configure your router so that it allows you to connect to the Internet. To do this, you first need to find out what is the port used by uTorrent to download the file by clicking the gear icon (located at the top right ) and by going in the Connection section of the window that opens. The value that you need to remember is the one that is in the field Port used for incoming connections.

At this point, open your browser (example Internet Explorer , Chrome , Firefox, etc. . ) and linked to the page at or page , which corresponds to the address of your ADSL router . Enter , therefore, the combination of user name and password required to access the configuration panel of the device (usually admin / admin or admin / password ) and click OK to establish the connection. The steps you need to take will vary from router to router.

For example, if you use a router you need to go in the Thomson Toolbox> Game & Application Sharing and click on the item Create a new game or a new application that is at the bottom . On the page that opens, type in the Name field uTorrent , put a check mark next to the entry Manual entry of port mappings and click the Next button to continue with the configuration of the door to open. Then type the number of the port used by uTorrent (example, 64095 ) in the two fields divided by the word to and click the Add button to complete the operation.
In this way , you have created the rule to open the door of uTorrent . Now you need to associate the rule to your computer by clicking on the Assign a game or application to a local network device located at the bottom. On the page that opens, select the item in the dropdown menu uTorrent Game or application list , select the IP address of your PC from the adjacent menu , check the box and click on the Register button Add to complete the procedure for opening the port in the router.

You can verify that you are opening the door of the router running the network test included in uTorrent . You can simply start it by selecting Configuration Wizard from the Options menu of the program and clicking on the Start testing. If you encounter problems , try setting a static IP on your PC and disable UPnP port mapping on the settings of uTorrent ( always in the Connection section ) . Otherwise, try to look for specific information about configuring ports on your ADSL router .

utorrent setup guide

UTorrent should now be configured and fully functional. To put it to the test , connect to one of the search engines Torrent and download the torrent for the file that you want to ” pull down ” with uTorrent .

When the download is complete open , double clicking on it, the Torrent file you just downloaded and click on the OK button in the dialog that opens to start the download. In some cases, instead of downloading the torrent file and open it manually, you can click on the icon shaped magnet that is on the torrent site and download begins automatically (they are called magnet link ) .

Remember to quickly download the Torrent network,it is necessary that the downloaded file has a high number of seeders and peers , people who share files and complete sources . Once you start the download, close the main window of uTorrent and the program will continue to download ” settling ” in the Windows notification area ( near the clock) .

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