When we talk about security Facebook makes no exceptions. Its security center is unique and as well as protecting the site against attacks and ensure the security of data also provides free tools to its users. Facebook fights every day against spam, phishing attempts, automatic attacks and applications, pages, and users that may undermine the privacy and security of users.

A few months ago Facebook has also launched the Facebook Anti-Virus MarketPlace, in partnership with some of the best antivirus companies: Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos, and Symantec. Among the benefits of this collaboration there is the access to a shared database link (URL) malicious and harmful.

Another advantage is to provide users  free software for the controlling and cleaning of the computer.

How to download a free antivirus on Facebook


To download a free antivirus you should visit this page http://on.fb.me/FBAVMarketplace. Here you can choose one of the free downloads provided by the partners of Facebook.

This will give you a free license for 6 months for software from Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos, or Symantec. A great deal to grasp, especially if you don’t have a security software installed on your computer.

Here are the license-free software that you can download:

Microsoft: Microsoft Security Essentials

McAfee: McAfee Internet Security 2012

Trend Micro: Titanium Smart Surfing y

Sophos Anti-Virus: para Mac Edition, Home

Symantec: Norton AntiVirus


That’s not all. In addition to the collaboration and free antivirus software Facebook helps users to fight any malware offering a step by step system to clean the browser and the infected PC.

How to perform a Malware control on Facebook

If you suspect that your computer may be infected with viruses or malware visit one of these links:

Microsoft: http://on.fb.me/infectedMSE

McAfee: http://on.fb.me/infectedMcA

Facebook will ask you to enter the password to confirm the identity of the profile. At this point, a message like the following one will invite you to continue or cancel the procedure. “If you think someone may have used your Facebook account without your permission, protect it and get assistance. If you believe that your account is secure, click on “Cancel”. “

Continuing your account will be blocked temporarily. Facebook informs that: “Often, users infected with malware are induced in a misleading way to run a malicious program that infects their computer with malware. Remember not to run programs from untrusted sources. “


Depending on the link (between the two provided) you chose, Facebook invites you to download a version of Microsoft Security Essentials or McAfee and run a scan to remove any threats.

The option scan using Microsoft Security Essentials (option 1) will allow you to download the antivirus copy of Windows. Antivirus that you can download for all versions, but only if you have installed an original and unmodified version of Windows.

The scan using McAfee (option 2) will download a small program that performs a unique  scan of your system for any malware. When the scan is complete, if a malicious software is found, you will have the opportunity to remove it manually or automatically.

ATTENTION: once you begin the procedure you have to end the scan. In fact, your account will remain locked (you can still have access to any other browser, even just open a window in incognito or clear cache and cookies) until you run the scan.

If you can not access your account even after the scan, delete the cache and cookies from your browser.