If you’re spending the weekend out and want to make the trip more relaxing and less boring, or you just want to load a few movies on your Android smartphone or tablet but you have completely no idea how to put them into your device, surely, that would be a very good idea to follow this step-to-step guide.

Let’s start. Grab now your phone ( or your tablet ) and prepare: in less than no time at all, I’ll show you how to copy and how to watch movies on Android without facing any kind of conversion and without wasting time you’d like to spend watching the movies you like. It’s really easy, trust me. You just need to know the right app to get.

Before you find out how to watch movies on Android, you must copy them on your smartphone / tablet to play the movie. In devices with support SD memory cards, the transaction can be done simply by removing the card from the phone / tablet and insert it into the computer (using an SD adapter or USB) and copying on it – in any folder – the movies you want.

For devices that do not support the memory card, however, you have to physically connect your phone / tablet to your computer via USB cable and use media management applications , such as Samsung Kies to transfer videos from your PC to your Android device.

Once you’ve copied the movie on your smartphone or tablet , you can download the app you’ll need to play : BSPlayer. Connect to the Google Play Store and install it on your device. It is also compatible with older and low quality devices and supports all major video file formats. It is completely free but is also available in a Pro version for € 4.99 that does not have banner ads on it.

How to watch movies on android

When BSPlayer is on, you can watch movies on Android simply by starting the app and selecting the video to play from the memory card or the phone memory / tablet . If it’s the first time you start the application you will be asked to install the add- ARMv6 VFP support library , Accept and download it from the Play Store.

BSPlayer is extremely intuitive : you can use the classic controls on the screen to go forward and backward , pause , etc. . or you can take advantage of the convenient gesture supported by the app . For example, moving your finger up or down you can raise or low the volume by moving it to the left or right.

If you own a dated Android device or a low standard one and you have troubles playing any video (eg you see a black screen and you only hear your voice) , try to view them without hardware acceleration. Just hold your finger on the name of the video for a few seconds, and chose (SW mode) from the menu that appears.