After the boom of news on WhatsApp, today we want to come back suggesting how to turn the page of WhatsApp in a sort of application for your PC. The transaction does not require any special knowledge, is totally supported officially and improves even the experience of using the program from your PC.


This is a normal page with Chrome address bar, all your options and then nothing really “smart”.

How to turn the page in an “application” (web app).

  • Open the page
  • Go to settings of Chrome
  • Select the drop down menu the penultimate “other instruments
  • Press Create “Application Shortcuts
  • Select the options you want and dates ok
  • At this point you will have an icon in the system tray as if it were a program and an icon on the desktop if you have ticked both items.

Clicking on the icon will have the same interface as the first tab, but in this case the screen will be much better because there will be not only the address bar, bookmarks or other but everything will be clear, clean and like it was really application.

Moreover, regardless of whether you have Chrome open or closed, you can launch WhatsApp web through the small icon and be immediately ready to chat from PC, especially if you have kept the check auto connect at startup.


In short, there is no reason not to use WhatsApp Web using the following procedure: everything will work the same way but it will be more convenient access, the management of the screen and use the interface.